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Coffee News readers love our weekly magazine? Fresh content weekly! Good news every week!Coffee News Readers

Features include “Trivia”, “Quotable Quotes”, “What’s Happening”, “The Lighter Side”  and “Everybody’s Talking” all Coffee News reader favorites.


Coffee News brings the  good news every week!

Truly a family publication you can find it in local restaurants, coffee shops, dentist/doctors offices, just about anywhere one awaits service. It’s one page format allows for easy reading and allows for great exposure for our local advertising clients. Even the ads are created with fun in mind. People enjoy the advertisement as much as the other fun features in our magazine.

We know it’s our content! Coffee News® is the “good news” publication!

Coffee News readersOur content is fun and interactive! Trivia, Famous Quotes, Horoscopes, and our popular “What’s Happening” articles keep Coffee News readers engaged and put a smile on most faces. For advertisers, your advertising ad will always appear on the front or back page “only” of our publication. High visibility….better response from potential local clients.

Enter our readers contestOur weekly “Find the Little Guy contest makes reading local print advertisements a fun event which our readers return to each and every week in order to be eligible for a monthly draw. Coffee News readers can enter on and off line in wherever Coffee News® is publisher world wide.  For advertisers these means repeated views of ads aimed your target local audience. People eagerly await the next weekly edition of Coffee News!  

To enter the contest “Find your Local publisher in your province.” 


Submit an EventLocal Coffee News readers can submit their local non-profit events for free, where space permits, in all of our editions!

For over 29 years now local communities have benefited from this free exposure.  Whenever space permits we will publish your event in our “What’s Happening” section of the local print edition.

Just another way Coffee News® helps in the communities our local owners. Local publishers live and work in your community nation wide bringing the good news…Coffee News. Coffee News readers love Coffee News!

To submit a local event use  our “Find your Local publisher in your province.”  


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