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“The World’s largest Restaurant and Coffee Shop publication!”

Coffee News® is the world’s #1 weekly restaurant publication. You’ll find our friendly little brown paper in restaurants, hotels, waiting rooms, libraries and lobbies in over 8 countries. Millions of people read Coffee News® worldwide! Coffee News®  Restaurant Publication offers the most affordable print advertising for local business. It’s amazing and sustained growth can be attributed to its popular content, accessible distribution, unique design and format which generates BIG RESULTS for the small and medium sized businesses who choose to advertise in Coffee News®.

Coffee News Canada offers affordable print advertising!

Everyone loves the fun mix of news, trivia, horoscopes and humor that each edition of Coffee News® provides. Each edition is customized for its community and contains 32 advertisements for small and medium-sized businesses in the local community it is distributed in. Readers return weekly for their fresh copy and another chance at our “Find the Coffee News Guy” contest.

Our publication is always local! 

Affordable print advertising in Coffee NewsLocal editions of Coffee News® are published by an entrepreneur with a passion for his/her community involvement. Each understands the local communities in which they serve and can help you achieve top results with your affordable print advertising  campaigns. ” Entrepreneur Magazine ranks Coffee News as the #1 Print Advertising Sales Franchise.  Affordable print advertising in your local community, where it matters most!

To Our Readers…

To our readers….tired of hearing about tragedies? Looking for something to uplift your day? Pick up this week’s issue of Coffee News® publication at your local Restaurant or Coffee Shop to read positive stories from around the world. Enjoy our “Quoteable Quotes”, “The Lighter Side”  and “Horoscopes” which keep our readers entertained and put a smile on their faces. Test your friends with our “Trivia” section, enter local contests, and find out “What’s Happening” in your community. Millions of people read Coffee News® World Wide each week! No better way to brand your local business to local readers. Explore our affordable print advertising solutions!

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