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Coffee News® is an ACTIVE marketing medium, specializing in the ongoing weekly promotion of your business. This builds awareness of your company so you become known as the choice in your market. It can help you develop your brand so people think of you first when they want your service or products.

 Psychologists understand that the more we are exposed to something, the better we remember it. Up to date research tells us that it takes up to 20 exposures of a new idea or concept to really imprint on the brain to remember it. Keep this in mind when you promote your business or organization or offer. If you want people to remember your company when they need you, then give them the opportunity to remember you by keeping your brand and identity in front of them as often as possible - within the limits of your marketing budget. Here's how Coffee News® can help you!

Local Advertising!

Use our interactive map or our Searcsh Utility to locate publishers in your province!

National & Provincial Advertising!

Coffee News® also can provide National Advertising Campaigns. For those businesses or other entities looking to take advantage

of our network of publishers nationwide.

Fill out our NATIONAL ADVERTISING inquiry form here or call our National Account Team at 780-278-6390.

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Advertising in Coffee News® - How it Works

 Coffee News® provides local effective, exclusive and affordable  advertising to small and  medium- sized businesses.

With a new issue every week, your ad will be seen again and  again by customers in your area!

With Fresh Trivia, Horoscopes, What’s Happening content or to enter the monthly readers contest, readers return to our publication week after week!